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The Perfect Pig Wedding Cheesecake

Our elegantly decorated wedding cheese cake will make a beautiful addition to your wedding venue and when it’s time to share it with your guests we will take care of everything and turn it into a modern style cheese bar displayed on rustic wooden boards with all of the traditional accompaniments.

Cornish Yarg

(v)Lynher dairies, Cornwall
A deliciously creamy semi hard cow’s milk cheese, handmade and wrapped in local nettles
passing on a delicate mushroomy taste when mature.

Tuxford Stilton

Tuxford and Tebbutt creamery, Melton Mowbray
A classic satisfyingly rich stilton with rounded, complex flavours with a piquant finish
and a smooth creamy mouth feel.

Somerset Brie

(v)Lubborn creamery, Somerset
A creamy cow’s milk cheese with a mild, fresh flavour and a white soft edible rind.

Godminster Heart Cheddar

(v)Godminster Farm, Somerset
A smooth textured, tasty, vintage cheddar with both sweet and savoury flavours

Stoney cross

(v)Lyburn Farm, New Forest
A mould ripened cheese, creamy in texture and sweet in flavour with a distinctive earthy finish.

Served with

3 flavours of Chunky chutney, grapes, celery, apples, biscuits and pickles

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