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Street Food Service Perfect For any Function

If you are fed up with the same old uninspiring finger buffets and are looking for a completely different way to make an impact at your event. Then why not join the Street Food Revolution that is sweeping across England’s cities, festivals and markets.

Over the last 25 years our Head Chef Carl Munroe has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience working for high end restaurants and catering companies across the UK, Europe, Australia and Asia. We use this experience which has been greatly enhanced by working in restaurants all over the world as our inspiration to provide our customers with a creative, interesting and exciting street food menu.

Street food can be enjoyed by anyone at any type of event, from office parties, to birthday’s or even as the perfect choice for evening food at you’re wedding.

We also specialise in providing tasty treats for themed events, village fairs, food festivals and a whole host of other venues and parties.

We have our own portable kitchen tent that can be erected almost anywhere in almost any conditions, where we are able to create the most delicious street food ideas.

For more information or to start your street food adventure with The Perfect Pig Click Here or call Carl Munroe today on 0790 508 0349.

Street Food Dishes

The Perfect Pig Bunny Chow

Freshly baked granary or white baker’s bloomer

Filled with piri piri steak mince, chili, loaded with beans and veggies

Topped off with sour cream and crisp olive oil croutons.

Veggie Option

Freshly baked granary or white baker’s bloomer

Filled with piri piri soya mince, chili, loaded with beans and veggies

Topped with sour cream and crisp olive oil croutons

Our Famous Deli Burger

100% butchers Beef steak burger with sea salt and cracked black pepper.

Cooked to your liking with melted cheddar cheese, crisp streaky bacon.

Served in a freshly baked soft bap.

The Cuban sandwich

Pulled Gold Oak Farm pork, Creole tomato sauce, melted cheese, roast ham, dill pickles, and Dijon mustard mayonnaise in toasted Portuguese bread.

The Falafel sandwich

Crisp fried Falafel, lemon hummus, feta cheese, red onion and harissa mayonnaise, toasted Portuguese bread

Posh dogs

One of our famous flavoured 8” butchers sausages

Served in a freshly baked baguette

With a sauce or salsa of your choice.

We have loads of different flavoured Butchers sausages and homemade sauces and salsa's.

Goan style sweet and sour chicken curry

Marinated spicy rotisserie chicken, braised basmati rice, butternut squash, sweet potato and coconut curry, garlic and coriander naan.

Thai style chicken curry

Braised pieces of tender chicken leg in an aromatic green coconut curry sauce With Asian vegetables and jasmine rice.

Teriyaki pulled pork

Steamed Chinese bun filled with teriyaki pulled pork and rice wine pickled vegetables.

Slow Cooked BBQ Pulled Pig Flavoured with Cola

Crunchy ranch salad and

Served on a floured tortilla

All you need to do is add one of our sauces or salsa’s.

The Mexican Cornitas, Slow Cooked Pig Off The Spit

With a hint of orange, spicy tomato sauce

Smashed Avocado, cream cheese and lime

Served in a taco or wrap.

Pulled Tikka Pig Off The Spit

garlic and coriander naan bread wrap with mint yoghurt

Cucumber Salad and Fried Onions.

Slow cooked pulled Dorset lamb flatbread

crisp red onion and watercress salad

mint crème fraiche

The Chicken Shack Rotisserie

We can provide a huge range of flavours amd marinades of our free range Chicken

Which are cooked to perfection on our rotisserie.

Add any side, sauce or salsa to make a complete meal

Spit roasted rib eye of beef

Served in a crusty baguette

Dorset watercress, caramelised red onions and horseradish crème fraiche.

Wild Venison burger

Served in a soft brioche bun.

spiced Bramley apple and onion chutney.

Char grilled chorizo Rosario

A Cheeky Spanish Treat

Served with roasted peppers, rocket in a ciabatta roll.

The Perfect Pig noodle bar

Slow roasted pig of the spit with crisp crackling, egg noodles and stir fried vegetables.

Sweet and sour

Pad Thai


Krakatoa (spicy)

Paella Dishes

"Good Spanish food doesn’t get much better than Paella”"

This humble Valencian classic is said to have its origins closely linked with the Moors arriving in Spain and the introduction of there rice over 1200 years ago. Originally prepared and eaten by farm workers and cooked over a wood fire in the field for a lunchtime meal, made with short grain bomba rice and anything else to hand. This Spanish classic soon evolved into the refined versions we know and love today. The aroma’s and theatre created whilst the Paella is slowly cooking makes this the perfect party dish to share at any social occasion.

Here at the Pickled Pear we have some of our own favourite recipes, that have been tried and tested over the years, using the best quality ingredients available.

All of our paella contains onions, garlic, bomba rice, saffron, red pepper, white wine or sherry and fresh cut tomato


This classic paella contains all the freshest seasonal seafood available from the local fish market ,to include calamari, mussels and king prawns, all cooked in our fresh saffron fish stock and finished with peas, lemon juice and fresh parsley.

Chicken and chorizo

Although this is not a classic Spanish recipe it seems to have become a British favourite. With large pieces of braised chicken thigh meat, chunks of chorizo rossa. And all cooked up in Spanish sherry our fresh chicken and saffron stock and finished with peas and coriander.

The Veggie

Loaded with diced root vegetables, squashes, beans and all cooked up in our fresh veggie stock and finished with roast peppers, fresh cut tomatoes and loads of fresh herbs