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BBQ’s with The Perfect Pig

A BBQ is the perfect way to celebrate any event, whether it is for a Wedding Breakfast, Corporate Event, Birthday or just any other reason to have a party.We work very closely with our local Farmer and Butcher and use the very best local and traditionally reared animals for our perfectly marinated BBQ cuts, sausages ,burgers and poultry. We have put together some of our favourite BBQ items, but if there is something in particular you would like please don’t hesitate to ask us.

Our Beef is hung for a minimum of 6 weeks which results in the most tender and full flavoured beef you can get your hands on. We like to grill our beef to perfection without marinades so you can enjoy the true beef flavour that has almost been lost in recent times.

Available To Grill

Beef burgers, Rib eye steaks, sirloin steaks, rump steaks or even fillet steaks.

We have a huge range of free range chicken options as well including Jerk Chicken ,honey lemon and thyme, sweet chilli lime coconut and coriander, Moroccan spiced chicken, roast tomato garlic and basil and we can basically make any fresh marinade you like.

Pork and apple burgers, Cider sage and honey brined pork belly steaks, pork loin chops with garlic and thyme.

Gold oak farm pork and apple burgers, Cider sage and honey brined pork belly steaks, pork loin chops with garlic and thyme.

Also available are free range Lamb and mint burgers, Moroccan spiced lamb burgers, garlic and rosemary Lamb chops and aromatic Lamb skewers.

Local wild venison is also available from our local farmers and butchers. We can provide Venison burgers, venison sausages and marinated venison steaks in red wine and fresh herbs.

Artisan Sausages

Our artisan sausages are created using traditional sausage skins and an old Dorset recipe, including fresh bread instead of rusk with fresh fruit, herbs, spices and vegetables where required.

Some of the flavours available are:

Olde English, Apricot and spring onion, watercress and spring onion, pork and bramley apple, pork and leek, Pork, smoked bacon and sweetcorn, Pork, honey and mustard, Pork, tomato and fennel, Pork, tomato and spinach, Pork and jalapenos, Lamb, apricot ,mint and cumin, pork and chilli, pork and wild garlic, Merguez, speciality of north Africa and southern France, loaded with paprika and red chillies or just traditional pork.

Vegetarian, Vegan and Seafood Options

We have a huge range of fresh and inspiring Vegetarian and vegan BBQ choices and can source fresh river and sustainable sea food which we cook equally as well on the BBQ.

If you are as inspired as much as us with locally sourced and traditionally bred food with provenance and full traceability then Click Here or call us today on 0790 508 0349 to talk about your perfect BBQ.