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Posh Pie and Mash

Originating over 200 years ago in London’s East End, the humble pie and mash is hardly a new concept, although still in high demand today this classic has been taken to a whole new level and has found its way onto many of the finest establishments menus throughout the country.

Here at The Perfect Pig we have teamed up with the best local pie producer in the county and beyond and we have 6 truly wonderful flavours on offer, handmade in Dorset using the best locally sourced ingredients.

When matched up with our friendly and professional service, buttery, creamy mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables and jugs of our steaming rich gravy. This will become one of the best pie and mash experiences you may possibly ever have and a wonderful way to celebrate any event with the comfort food that we have all come to love.

Steak and ale

Slow roasted Dorset beef with a hearty glug of Dorset craft ale in a rich onion gravy

Chicken and tarragon

Slow cooked chicken and fresh tarragon, a perfect combination!


Coastal cheddar cheese with leeks and potato, simply delicious!

Steak and kidney

Slow roasted Dorset beef and ox’s kidney, a true pie lover’s favourite!

Chicken, Ham and Leek

Slow cooked chicken, ham and braised leeks in a creamy sauce, truly moreish!

Venison and Chorizo

Seasonal Venison combined with smokey chorizo in a rich juicy gravy, yummy!

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